Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh, the Places He'll Go!

So it's official. Finn is heading to PRESCHOOL this fall. Yep, he is and I couldn't be happier for him. He is going to learn to speak Spanish. He is going to interact with lots of children his age and he is going to love it. I, on the other hand, sort of want to die a little inside. Mah BABY!!!! Noooo!

This was not our plan at all. The plan was to find a good school that he would be able to attend in a year or so when we were all ready for him to go. Then a couple things happened. We found a great, no amazing, school where he could learn more than just his colors, letters, and numbers. The school is aimed exactly for children HIS age. And that's not all folks...he is ready to be away from me for a few days a week. He yearns for interaction outside the house. I know it. He is bored with our coloring, our toys, our playgroups. I can play with him all day long and can still get the sense that he wants more. Not to mention the fact that he has a new brother or sister on the way and my time will be split even further. He's ready and I'm heartbroken just thinking about it, and oh, did I mention that it's just for 3 days a week until January?

"You'll be on your way up! You'll be seeing great sites! "

He will be attending the International Schoolhouse in Olivette which is a Spanish immersion program I was lucky enough to find while researching a local Charter school. We met his coordinator and teachers and they were so SO impressive. The price is right and honestly I haven't felt this passionate about a school related decision since I decided to move to NYC to go to FIT. He will be in a play-based class with children who are 24-30 months old until January and then he will move to 5DAY A WEEK class until he is ready for Kindergarten. This means that he will be potentially be there for 4 years. We have NO INTENTIONS of sending him to Kindergarten early, in fact, quite the opposite.

"And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all. "

I am so excited for him. I am eager to see him grow in this new challenge and learn a new language (actually more than just being excited for him I am jealous...I want to learn Spanish too. Insert sad frowny face here). I have been struggling planning each of our weeks with fun activities and attending as many playgroup dates as possible and I know he is a happy child. But....what else can I do? Each day that I grow more and more pregnant it becomes harder for me to run around and chase him and throw him around and I can tell he senses a big life change is headed his way. He is a perceptive kid. He sees this growing belly. We read him the Little Golden book Baby Dear where the little girl gets a new doll and a new baby sister. He totally gets it. I am constantly conflicted with I doing enough? Is he getting bored with me? He is such a social child and he only regularly sees maybe 3-4 people in his life. He needs/wants more and he will be able to have that in a safe and lovely setting. So off he goes August 31st which marks the second biggest day of our summer.

"You're off to great places! You're off and away"

I would just like to take a moment to congratulate my future sister-in-law, Rene, on graduating from LAW SCHOOL this past weekend. I think Dr.Suess would be very impressed with this very important direction you've chosen as am I. Well done.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sick Tot & Ouch....Not Doing Well Today

Poor Finn. He was/continues to be miserable with a cold. It sounds like it is breaking up but it is hard to say. I also thought I caught him a couple of times grabbing at his throat, but when I went to go touch it to see if he reacted, he laughed like crazy. A ticklish Adam's apple he has.

Poor me. I am a crampy, contracting mess. Its bothersome even when I am lying down. I called the doc just to be on the safe side and they moved my appointment from Friday to tomorrow instead.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

31 Weeks & Living Someone Else's Pregnancy

SO it appears that I have skipped another weekly update. Oh well. I am beginning to reach a point where I can see the light (baby) at the end of the tunnel (birth canal). I guess that's natures' way of taking care of things in due course. During my 2nd trimester I felt like I was on top of the world; full of energy, life, confidence, even feeling somewhat attractive and happy with my fuller pregnant figure. Nesting overdrive I have been able clean out the basement and send a whole big bag of stuff to Goodwill, clean out the spare bedroom closet, wash the 0-3 baby clothes/bibs/blankets. Now knee-deep in my 3rd trimester, I, for the most part feel tired, bloated, less confidant, and not at aaalllllllll attractive. I have gained 37 pounds already (poundage from 0-31weeks), which means its going to be REALLY hard to stay within my 35-40 pound weight gain goal. I may have to revert to the doctors numbers regarding weight gain to feel better about it all (according to my doc who saw me at 9 weeks I have 'only' gained 25 pounds). Not to mention the fact that I have developed new symptoms I never experienced before with Finn. For example, I am actually have contractions/cramping. Yeah, CRAZY. I also feel a sensation where the baby is so low that I feel like it could almost just fall out when I am walking around (my bff, Nicole, first made me aware of this and now I know exactly what she was talking about. Not cool).

The baby is moving around even more these days and the movements are so exaggerated and strong that I feel like I am carrying around a toddler in my belly instead of a newborn. Which reminds me of my most recent doctor visit. The baby is measuring 'big' when she measures my uterus with the tape. I am going to have a 35 week ultrasound for growth, so it not just me...this baby might actually be really big! At this point the baby should weigh about 3.3 pounds, the size of a bag of navel oranges or perhaps a nice big meat-y sirloin steak.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Are You Goin to Scarborough's Fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme....are all growing in my backyard.