Thursday, May 7, 2009

31 Weeks & Living Someone Else's Pregnancy

SO it appears that I have skipped another weekly update. Oh well. I am beginning to reach a point where I can see the light (baby) at the end of the tunnel (birth canal). I guess that's natures' way of taking care of things in due course. During my 2nd trimester I felt like I was on top of the world; full of energy, life, confidence, even feeling somewhat attractive and happy with my fuller pregnant figure. Nesting overdrive I have been able clean out the basement and send a whole big bag of stuff to Goodwill, clean out the spare bedroom closet, wash the 0-3 baby clothes/bibs/blankets. Now knee-deep in my 3rd trimester, I, for the most part feel tired, bloated, less confidant, and not at aaalllllllll attractive. I have gained 37 pounds already (poundage from 0-31weeks), which means its going to be REALLY hard to stay within my 35-40 pound weight gain goal. I may have to revert to the doctors numbers regarding weight gain to feel better about it all (according to my doc who saw me at 9 weeks I have 'only' gained 25 pounds). Not to mention the fact that I have developed new symptoms I never experienced before with Finn. For example, I am actually have contractions/cramping. Yeah, CRAZY. I also feel a sensation where the baby is so low that I feel like it could almost just fall out when I am walking around (my bff, Nicole, first made me aware of this and now I know exactly what she was talking about. Not cool).

The baby is moving around even more these days and the movements are so exaggerated and strong that I feel like I am carrying around a toddler in my belly instead of a newborn. Which reminds me of my most recent doctor visit. The baby is measuring 'big' when she measures my uterus with the tape. I am going to have a 35 week ultrasound for growth, so it not just me...this baby might actually be really big! At this point the baby should weigh about 3.3 pounds, the size of a bag of navel oranges or perhaps a nice big meat-y sirloin steak.

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