Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome Home! Love Your Outfit.

The way I see it, my poor gestating fetus has been buck naked for 9 some odd months. The least I can do is dress he/she up in some fancy clothes to come home in, after all this is my area d'expertise. So I have a couple of wardrobe options depending on sex, skin tone, shape (or build if he is a he)**, and other important personal characteristics. First and foremost, the most important feature here is comfort. I am going with 100% organic cotton. I also want to pay attention to the baby's healing belly button and make it as easy as possible to change diapers. I present you with option #1:

This is a chocolate brown infant kimono with a lighter brown coffee-ish colored piping and it is so small you would think it was made for dolls. Completely adorable. Option # 2 is a cute striped number by Zutano's Itzy Bitzy line for newborns:

This, being blue, looks more boy-ish to me and even though I would have no problem dressing it on a girl, I think I would only choose option 2 over option 1 if we have a baby boy who is pushing 9+ pounds. So with that said this is a definite contender. I also purchased a few packs of sex-specific receiving blankets made By Dwell Studio for Target (ridiculously sweet/affordable line that, style-wise, is right up my alley):

**Realizing that all newborn babies look like miniature sized, old, Asian men but STILL.....

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