Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Month Old

Today my beautiful second born son is already one month old. I am doing my best to cherish each and every moment I have with him in his infancy, hold him, kiss him, love on him as much as humanly possible. I know how fast this time rushes by and so every spare moment goes to loving on him, smelling him, cuddling with him....(hence the lack of blog updates. Opps). It seems like yesterday his eyes would barely stay open wide enough and long enpough for me to see how stunningly piercingly blue they are and now he can hold my gaze for several seconds at a time, intently and wide eyed. He is growing out of clothes and into new clothes already. Gone are the 5-8lb Gerber wrap shirts and premie 0utfits that once fit him so perfectly and snuggly. Now he is finally wearing his newborn* sized clothes and footed pajamas. Big brother Finn is soooo good and sweet with his little brother, constantly running to his attention whenever he cries, rubbing his head, giving him kisses. Finn even helps change diapers (by throwing the dirty ones away). Eating and sleeping are Elliott's favorite pastime. Right around 4 weeks he went from eating every 2-3 hours to eating 3-4 hours, which means that I get a little extra sleep at night.

So all-in-all life is good really good. Apparently the economy is in the crapper, the world in shambles but here I sit in my own little Utopia, ambovelent to other harsh realities because this is my reality....

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