Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fitness Obsessions

Tracy Anderson and I are on a 'break'.  I already miss her.  I keep telling myself its for the best.

I have been loyal to her method for over two years when I got back to regular exercise after having the boys.  I found her method through an online search of 'skinny fat exercises'.  Gwenyth Paltrow was crediting Tracy for getting her body back into shape after having two kids.  At the time, I liked what Tracy was claiming her method would achieve - long lean muscles, no bulking, teeny tiny.  I liked how blonde and perky she was sans all the annoying chatter during her videos.  I even liked all the pink -dumbells! Yoga mat! Lips! I especially liked her fashion sense, although not for everyone with her snakeskin print leggings, I appreciated the fact that she had a style all to her own.   Not to mention, who wouldn't want to look like Gwenyth?  She's stunning.
So Tracy claimed that if I stuck with her method only, 5-6 days a week, using only 3 pound weights, I could eventually look like this:

I have always been very loyal to my fitness routines.  Back in high school I did this video religoiusly with great results.  When I moved on to college I went to the free gym on campus (but lets be real, I seldom chose the gym over drinking with friends), and then shortly after I moved to Saint Louis I enlisted the help of a  personal trainer at Crunch Fitness in downtown St. Louis. I stopped exercising when I got preganant with Finn and didn't start up again until April 2010.  So lately I have felt that I have hit a plateau with Tracy's method.  My body and my mind need something different, something new and exciting.  Thus I must commence the search for the new PROGRAM.  I am taking any and all suggestions.  AS for Tracy this is goodbye, not forever, but for now because if it is really a true lasting love I must let it free and if it returns it was meant to be.  Or whatever.

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