Monday, April 19, 2010

My Mid-April Resolutions

Because why not?? Why must one only resolve to be a better person the first of the year. It's right after the craziness of Christmas and it's my birthday month. I happen to prefer to take a break. Not to mention that January is a cold and depressing month and not at all a motivating time for me to positive life changes.

So without further ado, my Spring 2010 Resolutions are as follows:

1) Blog as much as possible - I will achieve this by not being overly concerned with grammar, punctuation, interesting anecdotes and writing, jokes, or posting pictures. I will just write daily about what is going on and I may bore (you?) myself to tears one day if/when I read this in the future, but at least I will have something to read about my life.

2) Meal Plan on Mondays - See next post.

3) Work-out 3-5 days a week - Warning!! I will be posting pictures to track before/after progress.

4) Do not bite off more than I can chew, daily - So that's all I will resolve for now.

*Still need to work on re-designing this blog - colors, format, pictures, and title are all under construction.

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