Sunday, April 26, 2009

29 Weeks & oops...I Somehow Skipped 28 Weeks

That's what happens when you are having too much fun running around all day with your toddler chasing leaves and catching the wind. Nothing monumental happened my last week worth writing about anyway. My symptoms never changed and transitioning to trimester three proved to be quite anti-climatic. Yay!! This week I am even sleeping better than normal, which means falling asleep easily and sleeping soundly until 6:30 AM. Something new that has happened this week is that I am anxious to find out more about this person moving inside of me. This is the biggest downside to not finding out the sex with your second child. You are much more in tune to what is happening inside of you and it feels weird now that he/she's movements are so....human-like....that I yearn to know more about them. Not sure if that made ANY sense, whatsoever. I also feel a bit unprepared and anxious when I think about the sex of my child. If she is a she than there are a few "feminine" baby items I need would like to have ahead of time. If he is a he, then he needs a name. This is just ridiculous and I blame it on nesting.

Since we've only had 2 days of insanely good weather here (have I mentioned that I run cold-er during pregnancy than even normal which is insane) I still cannot bare my stomach to even my most loved and cherished friends and family. I give you a 'covered' 29 week belly shot:

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