Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This week marked the ever magical age of 1 & 1/2 years of life for Finn. I think magic is definitely the appropriate word to define this age. He is learning and doing all of these new things daily that it makes my head spin in wonderment. New words blurt out of his mouth like magic....this week I can add bus, teddy, door, mole, and hand to the ever growing list of word and before long I will no longer be able to keep track. I find myself wondering "how did he learn that?" when he puts puzzles together and stacks blocks by color. Our new favorite activities include finding the "little mouse" in Goodnight Moon on each page and racing small cars to see "who" will win.

Every little thing he does is magic. Every little thing he do just makes me smile. Even though my life before was tragic. Now I know my love for him goes on.
I get chastised for not making a big to do about birthday's as an adult, but with children it's another story. A story where this week is one of the brightest and happiest of my life because I am the proud mom of an 18 month old perfectly amazing human being. And if that is not a reason to celebrate than I don't know what is.

On to less sappy topics. I took Finn to his 18 month check up today. Some good news, some potential bad news. First his stats:

Weight: 27 pounds, 13 ounces (75th percentile)
Height: 34 inches (97th percentile)

So the good news is that developmentally speaking he is right on track. In fact, the boy was showing off in front of the doctor. He said 'ball' and 'teddy' right there in front of her, almost as if he had been coached (no, I didn't....I would neeeeeevvver do anything like that). He's running, he's pointing, he's stacking blocks as tall as his head. No problem.

So the bad news is he may have a hernia. I know. Sucks. We have a consult with a (gasp) Pediatric Surgeon at Cardinal Glennon Hospital. No sense in worrying about this until we get it confirmed, and even then, it is apparently "really common" and "nothing to worry about." So that is that.

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  1. tattoo boy gazing out the window!! Ha!
    I'll dwell on the good news, try not to think of any bad stuff. 'sides, as the doc pointed out, it IS fairly common. Fingers crossed.