Monday, April 6, 2009

26 weeks & Closing in on 2nd

This weekend marks the beginning of the last week of my 2nd trimester. So long 2nd!! Thank you for the size D's, the healthy appetite and all the energy. Thanks for keeping me relatively sane, despite a few emotional breakdowns here and there. You were the best trimester and oh how I will miss you dearly! And now on to my last and final trimester. The evil 3rd. Please go easy on me, no heartburn, sleepless nights, and NO obese face-itis this time, please....pretty please?

I am kicking myself for adding the creepy floaty fetus ticker to the left of my blog. Every time I come here it sits there with its huge head floating around, numbers dwindling down before my eyes, reminding me that there are just days left of this pregnancy. You see, months seem so much longer. It's like you say....well I still have 3 months. 14 weeks. Okay, that's a lot of time to me, but 90 days...NINETY DAYS...wha...whah..what??? THAT'S IT?! See ya! I got to get to Target to get some more newborn swaddlers and nipple cream, STAT!!

(unfortunately, obese face-itis has already set in....)

So fetus 2.0 continues to be a super duper active baby and is really starting to enjoy or hate passionately the Baby Plus monitor because he/she kicks wildly every lesson. I am constantly being asked if this pregnancy has been different than the first. Pretty much it has been the same. I would definitely say this baby is more active on the whole. Not to mention that he/she kicked me for the first time at a mere 13 weeks! I am not sure how much of this/that has to do with my keen awareness this time around. Everything was so unknown and questionable last time.....was that a kick or the tuna melt I ate earlier digesting?

According to Babycenter at 26 weeks, the fetus' ears are now more sensitive and may be able to distinguish my voice to others. Cuteness!!! Time to start getting back into music/stop bitching at John all the time. Speaking of Babycenter, I could hardly wait to find out what food my babe was compared to this week after last weeks rutabaga debacle.....Ready for THIS???? Well ready or not here it is...........................................................................................

(an English hothouse cucumber)

I don't know about you, but for me there is nothing like a large phallic looking vegetable to get me in the mood for birthin' children.

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  1. Wow! So much to comment on....where shall I begin? Maybe the D's? No..... definitely the obese face--itis (had to scroll up for the spelling!) Great LOL description! Can I heartily disagree, though? Must just be the hairstyle. Ah well, perhaps the D's are justifiable compensation! Ha!
    Surely, the cucumber is a joke, yes?
    Can't wait for the next posting........