Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Finn-tastic Week

I dedicated this entire week to having fun adventures with Finn. Just the two of us doing whatever he loves best which more often than not will involve sticks or running or a combo of the two which for me spells D-A-N-G-E-R. The closer I get to becoming a mother of two (the floating baby tells me I have 71 days left), the more anxious I feel about spending as much quality time as possible with my beloved firstborn baby. Finn is living out his final days of only-childom and even though he doesn't realize it quite yet, I do and I feel the need to make this time as special as possible for him. John and I also planned a mini river vacation in June, not only to celebrate John turning 31 (a little late), but to take our last trip as a family of three.

I really wanted to try and take him to new/exciting locations that we have never visited before or change it up appropriately by adding new activities. I give you a week in review via photos:

Tuesday afternoon spent gazing at eye level airplanes at the Science Center

Wednesday morning spent at Mary's house with the playgroup, playing with all of AJ's toys

An amazing Thursday afternoon feeding the ducks (and swan) at Lafayette Square Park

Friday morning running through the hosta plants after feeding the fish at the Botanical Gardens

And finally the topper on the cake, the grand finale to end all of fabulous weeks...a sunny Saturday afternoon spent with Dee-da (Finn's new name for John):

In Tower Grove Park where Dee-da scored Finn some balll-ooons...

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