Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old Friends and New Friends

The weekend was fantastic. First, there was really nothing better than getting to see and catch up with some of my oldest and dearest friends. Second, my Dinner party went off without a hitch and the happy couple got hitched and all around the birds sang a sweet song. This was only my second official planned party to date with the first being Finn's birthday (I consider it to be a party when there is 10 or more in attendance. This particular party included 12 people). A couple benefits to being pregnant is that one, if you look remotely decent you're going to get complimented. People, in general, have really low expectations of how one should look when pregnant like fat and bloated, for example. I am luckily still in a stage where my huge boobs overshadow much of the bloating and the huge beach ball attached to my waist. And two, people are gonna go out of their way to help clean up because God forbid you should have to be up on your feet working at 7 months pregnant. Anyway, the food and drinks were consumed by all (except yours truly) and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Finally, you know you hosted a good party when the last of your guests walk home strumming a guitar and your toddler's potty doubles as a puke bowl. Good times.

The last of our weekend guests left yesterday and today it was back to our old routine. I felt like I had jipped Finn out of an entire week of fun activities in lieu of preparing for our big weekend so I am making it a goal to take him somewhere new and exciting everyday this week. Not to mention the fact that I just missed him. That one on one best friend stuff that we normally do together. Which is crazy if you think about it....I mean I am with him everyday yet if I am not mentally involved in our daily activities I feel like I am missing out somehow. He is sooo my BFF. So, today we went to the Science Museum and ran around all the exhibits like a couple of crazy weirdos. Tomorrow we have a play date with a new mom's group. Later this week I hope to go to The Loop and listen to records and chill on the playground and eat ice cream since the weather is (finally) going to be IN THE 80's. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In completely unrelated news I decided to go BACK to the bangs. You know how 'they' tell you never to make drastic changes to your looks when you are pregnant? Well, I am SO glad I did. The bangs cover my ever expanding fat face. They were soooo necessary. So screw you, THEY, and your stupid rules.

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