Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Funny Valentine

I first must preface this post by saying that husband and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. And by celebrate I mean we don't waste our precious hard earned dollars to buy each other romantic useless gifts (there's a reason we can afford to live on one income, afterall). This, however, doesn't mean we never buy each other presents, we just save them for VERY special occassions. Anyhoo, I am getting off-topic.

My loving husband bought me this for Valentine's Day:

I was super psyched to receive this basting spoon not only because I really really needed it, but also because it is a reminder to me how well my husband listens to me even when I talk kitchen utensils. Now the best part of V-Day was when I opened my card later that evening. Please refer to picture below:

Yeah, that's two of the same card. One from this year and one from last year. Apparently didn't realize that he bought the same card two years in a row. Right away I thought this was a joke especially since this years card was written in Spanish. Thought he just wrote the same message as last year but in a different language? I am waiting for the same card next year but maybe en francais. I told him it would save us some money if he bought them in bulk. Ahhhh, gotta love him.

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