Monday, March 30, 2009

25 Weeks and Flora Comparisons Gone Crazy at BabyCenter

Before I even got pregnant the first time around I had been frequenting Babycenter's Website, you know, to familiarize myself with babies and pregnancy and what not. When I got pregnant I decided to sign myself up for their weekly newsletter and John did as well. We would chuckle gay-ishly at our week by week updates..."Congratulations! Your baby is now the size of a poppy seed!" At 7 weeks, he/she was a blueberry, at 9 weeks a get the picture. We thought this was, well, cute and fun and we always wondered what produce our baby would be compared to the next week. Then at 10 weeks we got....Kumquat. Ummmm...what does that look like? Not to mention how dirty it sounds. Come on isn't this a "G" rated parents website? At 14 and 15 weeks they went back to a lemon and apple, respectively. Okay, fair enough. And then I scratched my head at 17 weeks when my babe was supposed to be the size of a turnip? Is this with the long stalks attached, or not? And now, at 25 weeks, I get....Rutabaga. Really? I mean, come on, my grocery store doesn't even carry these. I had to google it (see pic above). Why don't you just tell me the baby is the size of fuse puller or an elephant beetle? And why produce? I happen to be more of a meat girl myself, not that I dislike produce, but how about cow or pig parts?

"Congratulations, your baby is the size of a Ham hock!" At least I know what that means.

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  1. I love my little ham hock!!!!! Cutesttoddlerever---now cutesthamhockever!!!
    Amusing and fun to read!!!!