Thursday, March 26, 2009

It Just Can't Get Any Better Than This

My heart has been swelling all day because I keep having those moments where I stop and think how lucky I am to be where I am in life. You know, those days where you look at your child who is just being such a sweet little angel and behaving well and looking at you and strangers all day all smiley and adoringly? I love those days.

I took Finn to Nordstroms today to get him a pair of new shoes since we had an inkling that his 5.5's were getting to small for his feet. Well, what do you know, the kind lady measured his foot and he is nearly a 6.5...OOPS!!! They sell shoes that come in size 6.5 but they are Stride Rite's (I know fashion snob here)and happen to be nearly $10 more than the rest. So the frugal shopper that I am, we ended up with the super cool, super light weight Puma's in a size 7 instead. Even though they are a little big, they hold his feet well, he doesn't slide in them, and we will have them for a longer period of time. So there. I can hardly wait for his Dad to come home and yell at me for the bright whiteness of them....I worried about that for 5 seconds until the lady told me they was well/easily. I would have bought them anyway, I mean, COME ON the kids shoes are going to get dirty!

As I mentioned Finn was so cooperative and they had ball's (balloons) that excited him to no end and of course, the big fish tank. He said fish for the first time. Yay! I also got to spend some time with my friend Natalie who snapped some pictures of our shopping experience so I can remember how EASY it was one day...

In totally unrelated news. So I looked over at my baby ticker side bar today and noticed that I have only 100 days left of this pregnancy. What? Whaaat? I am so not ready to go down to 2-digit days. Really I am not. In fact, this weekend I will indeed be at 25 weeks pregnant with a baby the size of a Rutabaga, according to Babycenter. Anybody know what the hell a rutabaga looks like? How is that helpful? Apparently I should also be expecting braxton-hicks contractions to start soon. I am absolutely not holding my breath on this one because I still have yet to experience a contraction of any kind for myself (well scratch that - I may have felt one or two right before I got my epidural last time. I need to ask John about that, though). This is my second pregnancy and I still wonder what it feels like to "go into labor". I really have no idea. The day that I was induced I walked into the hospital at my scheduled time 2 centimeters dilated with an apparently large-ish fetus ready to be born. I was given the maximum amount of Pitocen (this stuff was suppose to make the contractions stronger and harder)and finally my water broke several hours into it all. He was average size (7.5oz) but I would not have wanted him any bigger (still needed STITCHES, People)! How did I get off on this tangent?

And as a totally totally unrelated side note. My brother-in-law got a job as a server at Lucas Park Grill. Yay for him!! Sad for me. He made frequent trips to the house in his unemployed period which was quite nice for us.

"ball, ball, ball!"

Look how well I sit for the lady and let her put on my shoes!

This is the last time you will ever see these shoes this white again...suckers!


  1. Loving the blog, Shannon - keep it up!! Pics of my nephew always brighten up my day. :)

  2. Hey chica. I agree with kd. Finn is a big time day brightener!!! Can't wait to hear him say 'fish'.
    Am really enjoying the blog, too. I look for a new entry every time I'm online.

  3. Hi from Memaw Enjoy all but especially the cute pics.