Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick! Find Me Some Wood to Knock On

So it has been over a week and Finn has not had one tantrum and he has been in a great mood from morning till night. Ahhhhh....I am finally over nap transition HELL. Nap transition is sorely underrated as a stage in a toddlers life in my book. You hear so much about growing pains, teething, and separation anxiety (to name a few) but rarely do 'they' talk about nap transition? Finn is now pretty much down to one nap a day, going down anywhere between 11:30-1:00 and sleeping for two and a half to three hours. The schedule seems to work out okay for me, however, my goal is to push it as close to 1PM as possible leaving the morning wide open for whatever it is I do all day.

I STILL love the Zoo. My love for it grows everyday, actually. Today we got to our playgroup early and had some extra time before Zoomagination started so I decided to take a walk. We passed the brown bears and the penguins and made our way to the Carousel only to find out that rides are FREE until 10AM. YIPPEEEE!!!! Not only that but the children's zoo is also free the first hour. I may move in and live there. Finn loves animals and I love FREE. He was adorable on the carousel and he still thinks the horse says "woof woof" because that was what he was saying the entire time.

Finn's vocabulary is actually at the point where he says words consistently throughout the day with his favorites being - ball, dog, kitty, and hot. I feel it is necessary to compile a list of other words he knows at the point if for nothing more than posterity's' sake:

Kitty (spoken in the most high pitch tone possible)
Ear (These last two are almost indistinguishable)

No, Mama, and Dada have been left off the list because of the complete overuse of them usually all spoken in the same sentence...

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