Friday, March 27, 2009

Shannon's Favorite Things

One of the great things about maintaining your own blog is you don't have to be as famous or important as Oprah, Martha or Nicole Richie to make a "favorite Things" list. And since I am all about lists lately that is exactly what I am going to do.

Target's Mossimo Long and Lean Tanks - These puppies are so long that they cover my entire 25 week belly and when I am not pregnant they are great for layering. I have avoided maternity clothing so far and these help my cause.

DiorShow Mascara - This stuff is WELL WORTH the money. It does everything it's supposed to do - lifts and separates.

On Gossamer 'Bump it up' Bra - From size A to DD this bra has been the best support and, again, it lifts and separates!!!!

Gymboree Pajamas - I have never been crazy about there clothing, but there p.j's are the PERFECT fit for long skinny babies.

Make-Up Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in Black - So this one made my AND OPRAH's list! This stuff proved itself after I bawled my eyes out at a funeral and I still had thick black eyeliner perfectly in place. It's called grieving in style, man.

Hanky Panky Low Rise Underwear - I have converted oh so many people of ALL ages and sizes to these one size fits all puppies. I will never where any other kind again.

Chanel Nail Color - I know, I know this seems extravagant but the colors are amazing and it stays put.

Havaianas Flip Flops - Wear in conjunction with the Chanel. Perfecto!

Pampers Diapers - I love them. I love how they make the baby smell more baby-ish and how they have a perfect fit every time. I can't afford them, and usually buy Costco brand, but when he's in between sizes or when they have sales plus triple coupon - they're all mine.

I had to leave food products off because the list because it would have gone on and on for pages. It ended up being mainly a make-up/fashion list with a little baby thrown in.


  1. LOL I wasn't prepared for a list! Thought I'd hear about cutesttoddlerever!! But omg!! Loved it--cause I'm a convert to one of the items!! I'll definitely go for the Target tanks, but I'm too frugal for the Chanel and Dior.....unless ya think Dollar General might be carrying them now????!! :-)

  2. you like how I won't buy name brand diapers but designer prob! J/K I haven't purchased expensive mascara in months...