Tuesday, March 31, 2009

His Mother's Son

Right after Finn turned one I was invited by a friend to a play date with all her old high school friends (read: tight knit bunch) in the Burbs. Their children were all around Finn's age if not a couple months older. I mentioned that I had been searching for a 'mom's day out' program but had not had success finding one. One mom asked:

"Where are you sending him to preschool"

"Preschool? He just turned one."

(eyes all wide and frightened looking)

"You do know that you have to wait list most preschools in advance, right?" "Well, especially if, you know, you want a good one."

(Sighs. Defeated.)


I made a mental note to start doing some research, but decided that this just must be a suburb thing and not to get myself in a frenzy over it. I mean, come on, this is not College, it's PRESCHOOL. That means BEFORE SCHOOL, right? Isn't it like glorified daycare?

Flash forward to today. I am on a list for a Spanish immersion preschool that will open this August. Sounds soooo pretentious. I am not even the least bit concerned. I am, however, STILL looking for a 'mom's day out' program. I went to visit a program yesterday. Finn fit in well. No, better then well, he immediately integrated with the other children. He sat right down and started to enjoy snack time with the other kiddos. The helpers invited us to the playground for 'outside time' and he practically dragged me by the hand and as soon as he got to the playground he let go of my hand and that was the last of him. In the sandbox he went with all the big kids. I watched him play with the other children. I waited for him to look up a me, look for me....it never happened. When it was time to go he wailed. He wanted to stay, he practically shoved me away.

Since he was born I listened to countless people comment on his striking blue eyes and wispy blond hair. "He is adorable. He must look just like his father". Or....."He is John's little mini-me." He loves music and enjoys dancing just like daddy. Today I saw my extroverted personality in him for the first time. His ease and confidence around others. His carefree mannerisms and playfulness. You love your child so much and the ultimate compliment has got to be when you see yourself in them shining brightly.

already playing with baby brother/sister....

"Where's the party, people?"

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  1. Yep......I'd say Finn is a definite blend of his mommy and daddy!!! Nice!